Our range

Our dried mushrooms are picked and selected by hand.

Once rehydrated and drained, all you have to do is cook the dried mushrooms like fresh ones. Use as much as possible the soaking water (previously filtered) in the preparation of the dish to enhance the flavor!

Dried mushrooms keep all the organoleptic properties of fresh mushrooms!

Wild mushrooms

Depending on arrivals

Mixes & other products

Cultivated mushrooms

Mixes & other


Our packagings

From20g to 100g plastic box / From250g to 500g plastic box / From500g to 1Kg bag / 5kg boxes

Depending on the species of mushroom, the capacity of the plastic box is not the same: 5000ml plastic box = 350g of morel or 500g of cep

For any specific request, please get in touch!